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Privacy Policy and JETA - AIR are dedicated to protection of privacy and the integrity of personal data it encounters during the course of its work. This applied privacy policy document notes the kinds of personal data and JETA - AIR receive and collects through its website ( and JETA -, and some of the steps aimed at their protection. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Your usage of and/or registration at any part of the website indicate your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the conditions in this Privacy Policy, please do not use the website. This Privacy Policy does not cover information gathered in other places, including, but not limited to information collected offline and on websites to which links have been set on our website. The applied privacy policy of the and JETA - AIR is based on the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Macedonia. The final version of the Law can be downloaded in electronic form from the website of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection (

Basic provisions

• All the private data collected by the and JETA - AIR are voluntarily provided with the explicit consent of the persons to whom the data refers, or provided by third parties who have obtained the consent of the persons concerned for this purpose. • The personal data collected by and JETA - AIR are used only for the purpose that they have been collected for, and if it is necessary to use the data for other purposes, this is done only with the explicit consent from the persons to whom the data refers. • The policy of the and JETA - AIR is to destroy/delete the records containing personal data after the deadline for keeping them expires, provided it is determined with an agreement or law, or following the completion of the project during which they have been collected. • The data collected automatically through the websites of and JETA - AIR are used for statistical purposes only, and not for monitoring the activity of individual users. • In the case of a criminal investigation, and JETA - AIR is abiding by the valid laws of the Republic of Macedonia and the data collected with the activity of the website are available to the law enforcement organs only with a valid court warrant, with the exception of a case of abuse of its information system or website, when the logs can be examined and analyzed in the pre-investigation procedure.

Using cookies

The and JETA - AIR websites uses cookies in the following cases: • For preventing multiple voting by the users when they are responding to polls. Currently there are no active polls on the and JETA - AIR websites. These cookies are only valid until the poll is completed. • In order to appropriately present the language version of the website for users who have made a selection during a previous visit. These cookies expire one day after the selection has been made. • When user’s login at the section protected with a username and password, which is not public. These cookies expire once the current session expires. The websites of and JETA - AIR uses the WordPress Content Management System. In case the and JETA - AIR staff becomes aware that some of external components (modules) are installing additional cookies, their behavior will be additionally indicated in this section of the privacy policy.

Server logs

The appropriate web hosting provider keeps logs on the server for each of the and JETA - AIR websites, in which the IP address is recorded, as well as the browser, operative system, date and time of access, referrer (previously visited webpage) and downloaded file from the website, for each such operation. These logs are managed according to the general provisions, or the individual privacy policy of the provider, which is obliged to operate within the frames of the Law on Personal Data Protection and the Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Macedonia. According to the applicable regulations in Macedonia, legal entities providing internet services are obliged to keep the traffic data (contained in the server logs) for at least 24 months after the data has been created so that it would be available to the appropriate investigative authorities, in a procedure regulated by law.

External website hit counters

Due to the increased transparency and comparative analyses, and JETA - AIR websites are using two external website hit counters: Sitemeter and Google Analytics, provided by companies located in the US and under jurisdiction of US laws. Communication with the external counters is established by embedding the code provided by these hit counters into the and JETA - AIR websites. The code is being activated when such a webpage is loaded, and provides the external hit counters access to the following data about the visitors; IP address, browser, operating system, date and time of access, referrer (previously visited webpage) and visited websites from the site in which the code of the counters is embedded. • Sitemeter makes available to the public a part of the detailed data about the last 100 visitors, by concealing a part of the IP address, as well as statistical data about the number of visits and page views during the last 12 months. • The results from the Google analytics counter are not publicly available and are only used for statistical analyses. Google’s privacy policy is available here. • Until June 2009, and JETA - AIR websites were using the hit counter Sitemeter which makes available to the public a part of the detailed data about the last 100 visitors, by concealing a part of the IP address, as well as statistical data about the number of visits and page views during the 12 months before the moment their report is being accessed. Sitemeter is obliged to act according toits privacy policy when handling the data about the visits of the and JETA - AIR websites collected before the above mentioned date.

E-mail and mailing lists

The data that the users send voluntarily via e-mail and the contact form (e-mail address, name, surname, postal address, telephone, photographs etc.) are considered to be a business secret and are kept in accordance with the general provisions and the rules and regulations for filing. Correspondence with the staff of the and JETA - AIR is becoming part of the documents that and JETA-AIR are obliged to keep from 1 to 5 years – depending on the type of correspondence, in accordance with Article 12 from the Guide on the manner and techniques for handling documents and data archives in office work and archiving (Official Gazette of RM No. 60/97). The users are registering on the and JETA - AIR mailing lists voluntarily. The consent of the members is obtained through the automatic request for a confirmation for being included in the mailing list after entering their e-mail address in the list through the website. The members of the mailing-lists have an opportunity to opt-out via an appropriate automatic mechanism by clicking a link which is included in every e-mail message from the lists, or by contacting the staff of the and JETA - AIR.


For all queries related to your personal data stored by the and JETA - AIR, please contact us directly.
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