Biking through Polog and Elbasan

3 Days

3 days of biking with breathtaking views.



Day 1

Šipkovički sheepfolds

Tetovo, North Macedonia

The Šipkovički sheepfolds are a combination of traditional sheepfolds used to raise livestock and build villas for the residents of Šipkovica, and it has become a meeting place for nature lovers, as gastronomic services are now being provided.

Hostel ''Kitka''

Tetovo, North Macedonia

We offer one-day trip (Vratnica Lake, Belovishi waterfalls, visiting Ljuboten, Mentoring for beekeeping)

Day 2

Explore Gjonovica Cave ("Beauty")

Gostivar, North Macedonia

The Gjonovica cave (popularly called "Beauty") is located on Monutain Bukovik, near the Gostivar village of Gorna Gjonovica. To reach it, you have to walk about fifteen kilometers along the old macadam road Gostivar- Kičevo. And then, fifty meters above the road, you will see the entrance of this peral of underground beauties. The name "Beauty" is given because of the impressive stalagmite in the form of a female silhouette, but also because of the great wealth of various underground natural ornaments. In the bigger part of the Gjonovica Cave, with the exception of the entrance canal (85m), there is a constant underground watercourse. In addition to the numerous and varied cave ornaments abounding in the cave, the last cave extension (10 x 13m), in which there is an underground waterfall of 5-6 meters, is particularly interesting. It represents a giant boiler, where the water from the waterflow makes a swirl. The 6 meters high waterfall and the beautiful cave jewelry reveal the beauty of the underworld. Recently, cave fauna has been explored in the Gjonovica Cave, when the endemic representative of the genus Ceutnophies, called Ceutnophiesboukoviki was registered.

Villa Lux Mavrovo

Mavrovo-Rostushe, North Macedonia

Relax in a peaceful environment, on the beautiful winter days with a beautiful view of Mavrovo Lake. Villa Lux Mavrovo is a newly built luxury villa in the heart of Mavrovo, close to the ski resort. It has 2 floors, first floor 100m2 living room with fully equipped kitchen (oven, microwave oven, dishwasher) and dining room, on the second floor there are 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Villa Lux Mavrovo will offer you supreme comfort, relaxation in a peaceful environment and a wonderful view of the Mavrovo Lake from all rooms. The villa also has: • Central heating with wood fireplace • Pool, fountain, fish pond, oven and barbecue in the yard • Accommodation capacity for 8-10 people Villa Lux Mavrovo � +389 78 333 331 � Facebook page: Instagram page:

Traditional cuisine at restaurant ‘’Tivko Katce’’ - option 2

Gostivar, North Macedonia

tivko katce option 2

Day 3

Belsh and Seferan by bike

Sami Frasheri Square, Belsh
Belsh, Albania

Riding to the tourist village of Seferan by Gt bike or city bike. The route is Belsh - Seferan with a distance of 3 kilometers and a 25-minute ride. After arriving at the tourist village we visit the Dumrea Rubin Guesthouse and Rose Guesthouse. Walking downhill we descend near Lake Seferan which is one of the bigger lakes in Belsh and one of the most beautiful places. What we like about this guide is the bike lane on Lake Seferan. Afterwards, in order to relax we visit the Goddess Bust Aphrodite and Amphitheater and dine at the Zejtaria (Craftsman) Restaurant where there is a rich menu of traditional Belsh products. Contact number: 0674368849


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