Gastronomical Adventure Polog-Elbasan

3 Days

Take your taste buds on an adventure with local delicacies. .



Day 1

Painted Mosque

Braka Milladinovi, Tetovo 1220
Tetovo, North Macedonia

The Painted Mosque is definetely the most remarkable landmark of Tetovo and North Macedonia in general. According to some researchers the building dates back to 1495, and according to others, to 1564. This religious building is unique in its beaty and is placed in the anthologies of Ismalic architecture. Credited for the unique and vividly painted ornaments are experienced craftsmen from Debar. On the east, north and south front of the building there are vertically are vertically arranged rectangular forms in fresco technique, and the south side facing the main road to Gostivar is particularly impressive. Particular attention is drawn to the representation of Mecca, which is a rare and probably the only example of an artistic representation of this sanctuary on the territory of Southeast Europe. The interior wall decoration, the colorful geometric and herbal ornaments and the paintings on the exterior walls of the Painted Mosque contain the characteristics of Turkish traditional decoration, and when you visit it, you are immediately struck by the architectural splendor of the once powerful Ottoman Empire.

Explore Tetovo Fortress

Tetovo, North Macedonia

The Tetovo Fortress is located on the top of the Baltepe, at an altitude of 803 m above see level, 220-250 m high and at an area of 108,000 square meters. The builders stipulated the strategic position because from the fortress, the bigger part of the Polog Valley can be controled. The Tetovo Fortress was built in 1820 by Abdurrahman Pasha. It is said that the beginning of the construction was done by Abdurrahman Pasha's father, Rexhep Pasha, and that the construction took nearly 20 years. Abdurrahman Pasha did not finish his construction. This cultural monumentis a rare beauty of the past. Its composition is complex. The interior is comprised of 5 sarays, large kitchens, baths and well in the middle of the fortress. Visible influence of Ottoman architecture appears. During the various wars it was damaged many times.

Traditional cuisine at restaurant ‘’Dubrovnik’’

Jane Sandanski, 116 Tetovo
Tetovo, North Macedonia

The restaurant "Dubrovnik" has an excellent cuisine that includes preparation of various specialties. Our capacity is suitable for welcoming tourist groups, organizing family celebrations and the like. In addition to the guest lounge, the restaurant has its own car park, seating area as well as a separate children's area. We offer lunch for 4 persons (veal specialty, salad, 2 drinks and dessert)

Hotel Skardus – Acomodation

Popova Sapka - Tetovo
Tetovo, North Macedonia

Hotel Skardus – Acomodation In summer we offer full bord (Bed+Breakfest+Lunch+Diner) Price per person: 52 e

Day 2

Kitchen Show

Mavrovo-Rostushe, North Macedonia

Presentation of the culinary skills of the owner of the Hotel with traditional food from the Reka region.

Duff Waterfall

Mavrovo-Rostushe, North Macedonia

Visiting the waterfall located near the village of Rostuse on the slopes of Krcin Mountain, where it is located in a dense forest. Photo source: Wikipedia

Visit the Ellen Bridge

Mavrovo-Rostushe, North Macedonia

Deer Leap (Hellen Leap or Deer Bridge) - a stone arch bridge in the vicinity of the village. Mogorce through Mala Reka in Reka region of western of North Macedonia. Built in the middle of XVIII century carved stone. The legends told about this little bridge are interesting. Price per person: 2e

Hotel + Breakfast - 1700 ALL / person at Kriva Resort

Elbasan, Albania

Kriva resort hotel and breakfast.

Day 3

Ethnographic Museum

Elbasan, Albania

The Ethnographic Museum in Elbasan is located in an 18th-century residence. Rebuilt by the Institute of Monuments and Culture in 1983-1985, the residence becomes an ethnographic museum with over 800 rare items including rare handmade objects of over 80 types of crafts, folk costumes, replicas of the characteristic citizen houses (houses and rooms) of Elbasan and many more artefacts that make this museum especially interesting to visit. Photo source: Wikimedia commons

Visit Nazaret Mosque

Elbasan, Albania

Nazareth was the wife of a prominent emperor at the time. In her honor at the end of the 16th century a sanctuary was built in the southern part of the city named after her. The sanctuary is considered an Ottoman-style monumental temple.

Traditional dishes at Restaurant "Skampini" Elbasan

Elbasan, Albania

If you want your wedding or private party to be memorable this is the right place. The restaurant is located in the casel itself and offers an exclusive service. Contact: +355 69 822 2880 More info on:

Traditional cuisine at restaurant ‘’Tivko Katce’’

Kay Vardar 3, 1230 Gostivar
Gostivar, North Macedonia

We offer traditional diner for 2 persons (tavce gravce, sausages, salad and desert)


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